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Welcome to Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens

We’re happy you’re considering us for counselling for your loved one.

We are great at what we do and want to help. We know young people and families well. Helping teens and families feel better is what we do best.

You will find us to be warm and welcoming. It’s important to us. Our Clinic Director, Jess, talks about this a lot. She wants families to feel like you’ve been welcome into our home and served a cup of tea.

Our team of experts are here to help you and your teen, and that starts with finding a good fit. Each of our therapists are unique and have something (interest, personality, cultural background or therapeutic approach) that will be a fit for your teen or family. Identifying a good fit with a therapist is important to the therapeutic process. We invite you to review our team’s biographies to get an idea of our staff or reach out directly to learn more.

If you’re not sure that we’re the right practice for you, just reach out. If your situation is out of our scope of practice, we’ll do what we can to point you in the right direction for the right care.

It can be hard to seek out therapy for your teen or your family. We know this here. We come alongside you as a family and make space for everyone to be heard and understood. We are warm and understanding and will affirm what’s going right. We’re here to help with what’s not going right without judgment. To do this, we offer a range of therapy services provided by empathetic, caring staff. These include:

Individual Teen Counselling

Most people usually start with individual counselling for their teen here. It’s a great choice. It gives the opportunity for the therapist and teen to connect and dive deeply into what’s going on for the teen and their experience of their life. Many teens here only do individual counselling and that’s the right fit for them and for the family.

Individual Parent(s) Counselling

Sometimes as parents we just need help. Help to interpret our kids well, help to guide and respond well. No one teaches us in school how to be good parents and it's one of the hardest and most important jobs we'll ever do. We come alongside parents to help you soar at this job wherever you can. We want you to feel like you are the parent you want to be.

Individual Post-Secondary Student Counselling

As a young adult we know you struggle with your mental health. You may also be balancing familial, social, and romantic relationships, a demanding school program, keeping a job, as well as evolving independence and responsibilities. If you’re a student, you may have already accessed or looked into any mental health programs at your school. There are colleges and university that have short term, immediate assistance for you


It’s pretty common for a teen to start with individual therapy here and then (with the teen’s consent) have some family sessions in the mix or have the therapy switch to family therapy altogether. Sometimes a family approaches us to work with them as a family. We’re always on board for this. That’s because a teen doesn’t exist on their own. They exist within the context of their family, friends, school, etc. And working with more people can sometimes be faster to heal relationships and understanding. Engaging in family counselling shows your teen that you’re willing to grow, and want to be on the journey with them. Sometimes it’s just the right approach to get everyone on the same page and feeling better..


Teenagers are comfortable on the internet. Online psychotherapy for teens can help them communicate in a comfortable environment that’s familiar and understandable. Another benefit of online counselling is that you can reach your therapist at a distance. This lets you develop a long-term therapeutic relationship so you have a trusted therapist as you move through life. On vacation? Off to university? You can easily connect – no matter where you are.

Dietitian For

Counselling teens is about helping them thrive in all aspects of life. Diet culture is a real trend that can lead to disordered eating habits. Instead of risking unhealthy behaviour, our dietitian can work with your teenager in a respectful way that acknowledges their personality and physical health.


We’re in the process of researching options to offer for group counselling. When we’re ready to offer this to you, these services will provide a sense of connection around shared experience. We are planning to offer these for both teens and parents.


Whether you have a therapist for family needs or want to learn more about psychotherapy for adolescents, our workshops can help. By breaking down important mental health insight into useful and actionable advice.


First stop websites to learn more about eating disorders and where to find treatment


Extended health plans covering services by a Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Social Worker can be used to cover your fees.

For Parents

Counselling for parents
Family counselling in Toronto

Toronto Counselling Centre For Teens: For Parents

Parents are core to our work here.

We think of our work with your teen inherently as work with your family. So that starts with acknowledging all of the good work you’ve already done as parents. We want to come on board in a way that makes sense for your family and empowers your family to be the best it can be. 


Check out our FAQ for an easy to reach resource that includes answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding our practice.

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How to start the process with
Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens

Select Your

Make sure you select a therapist that works best with you! Visit our Meet The Team page and learn more about our awesome team of dedicated Psychotherapists. If you need help with this, then give us a call or email us here

Book your

View your therapists schedule after selection and choose a time that works best with you. You can also call or email to have us help out with this stage by clicking here

Fill out the forms
emailed to you

After booking your appointment, we will send you some forms to fill out. These forms are short and straightforward.

Prepare for your call
with your therapist

It’s up to you whether or not you’d like to speak with the therapist beforehand. We just prefer to connect at this stage. It gives us a chance to deeply understand what’s been happening.

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