Brittany Allison


Brittany Allison is an experienced Registered Dietician who specializes in eating disorder recovery and intuitive eating for individuals who are ready to break free from the grips of food and body obsession so they can reclaim their life, time, and mental energy.

In session, Brittany brings warmth and empathy into her sessions and maintains a client centred approach. Brittany strives to provide a space where the client is comfortable and heard. Brittany uses her lived experience and professional education in nutrition to support teens and families in a safe space where all bodies are welcome.

Brittany approach to sessions are informed by her education at Toronto Metropolitan University, motivational interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

In her free time Brittany loves crafts, crocheting, drawing, painting and nail art. She enjoys spending free time with her Bernese mountain dog, Archer.

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