We Direct Bill to Your Insurance

Let us take one load off your shoulders. It's one less step to worry about and one transaction that doesn't have to pass through your wallet.

List of Insurances We Work With:

If your insurance isn’t listed above, you are still able to manually submit your claim.

There’s a lot to juggle and dealing with insurance shouldn’t be one of them.

We understand that being a parent is hard and seeking mental health help for your teen can be daunting. We can help ease the burden through this simple act.

What Exactly is Covered?

Insurance is very specific about what types of practitioners they will cover. If they cover mental health related services, they might cover one of these practitioners:

When it comes to finding out about your coverage for your teen or family here, you’ll want to double check to see if you’re covered by either a Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Social Worker. Once you know, then you can proceed to the next phase: finding the right fit for your teen.

Please keep in mind that while we aim to process every single claim, sometimes the insurance companies deny claims for various reasons. This isn’t our preference, but it’s beyond our control. Should this happen, we’ll charge your credit card on file for the session fee and have you sort out the details with your insurer.

Post secondary student counselling for teens

You Might be Wondering: What’s the Difference between The Designations?

They are masters-level educated counsellors/therapists that deploy a variety of evidence-based modalities in talk therapy.

They are masters-level educated counsellors/therapists that deploy a variety of evidence-based modalities in talk therapy.

They are often sought out for their ability to conduct psychological assessments (for learning disabilities or mental health disorders) through a combination of exams and interviews.

(Please note that we do not have a psychologist at our clinic)

They are certified medical doctors that can prescribe you medication for mental health disorders. They can assess the mental and physical attributes of a psychological problem.

(Please note that we do not have a psychiatrist at our clinic)

Private therapy and support services for parents

What if My Insurance Isn’t Listed?

Maybe you’re with Sunlife Financial and you know that you have coverage for mental health – then it shouldn’t be a problem. Although they don’t allow for direct billing with Mental Health Providers, you are still able to manually submit it as usual. We always provide a receipt of your completed session with the therapist’s license/registration number as well as their supervisor’s license/registration number (where applicable).

These licenses are accredited by the CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) or OCSWSSW (Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers).

Do you Coordinate Between Benefits?

We can easily coordinate both benefits if both partner’s insurances are listed above. Please keep in mind that when processing your child’s session, it must first pass through the insurance of the parent whose birthday is earlier in the year. So if the first insurance isn’t listed above, we can only process any of the claims for the insurance of the parent with the 2nd birthday chronologically if the other policy has already been manually submitted and maxed out (also provided that the insurer will allow us to direct bill under those circumstances).

How Much Does my Benefits Cover?

This information can be found on your insurance website or when you call your insurance’s representative. However, if you provide us with your information, we can also make that call for you.

What If My Benefits Run Out?

After a certain amount of sessions, your insurance benefits might run out and will no longer reimburse for the sessions. Or perhaps your insurance only covers a certain percentage of each session. The remaining balance can be paid for with cash (for the exact amount), debit VISA or credit card (including AMEX).

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