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Family counselling in Toronto
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Family Counselling in Toronto

Sometimes families come to us just for family counselling –  it’s a great choice, as your teen isn’t separate from your family.  What happens in the family affects your teen and what happens with your teen affects the family,  and family counselling helps

It’s also common for teens to come to us for individual counselling, and with everyone’s permission, we’ll add in some family sessions in the mix just to work through some unresolved experiences.

This is one of our favourite services that we offer here. Why? Because family counselling gives us the best opportunity to shift everyone in your family into feeling better and relating better.

The ripple effect with everyone feeling and relating better is nicer for everyone in your family but it also has long-term positive for teens. It’s not uncommon for teens to carry some uncertainty or ambiguity about how much their parents care for them and are in their corner. When they have these beliefs, it also effects how they feel about themselves. Family therapy gives us a chance to help you correct those beliefs so everyone knows how much love and good intention is there. When this is corrected, your teen is really optimally positioned to navigate their teenaged experiences and also optimally position to launch well into early adulthood.

If you’re feeling on the outside of your teen’s life, family counselling is a way back in to their world and experiences.

How does Family Counselling work?

With Family Counselling, we get everyone in the same room to unpack what is happening with your family and ultimately carve a way forward together.

The length and number of sessions will vary depending on your family’s specific situation and needs. Family Counselling is often used as a supplementary counselling option to address and explore topics or issues that have arisen in other Individual therapies.

Family Counselling allows us to really do the work – whether that’s through pattern tracking or discussing specific conflicts and situations. The form this counselling takes is family-dependent: we may have your whole family involved, or at times split into smaller groups. Together we can work to create a more connected, less reactive family.

Family Counselling Could Be Right for You if…

  • You’re looking to supplement your current individual counselling
  • You want to work with your family toward being a more harmonious, communicative unit
  • You want to get back on the same page with your teen
  • You want to influence the story your teen tells themselves about themselves
  • You want your teen to launch from your home without any doubts about how much you care about them
  • You want to be a part of your teen’s healing process

Helping your family heal

Teen and family counselling
Family counselling session

Modern Therapy Options

Parents with teenagers may be less accustomed to getting therapy online, but the service is booming. This is because it offers a supplemental set of benefits, the main one being that teens are usually comfortable online. Digital security makes it a safe way to operate, and it allows teens to get therapy where they feel most comfortable. 

Yes, the screen is a partition, but it’s also a safe feeling for many. With online counselling, there’s no need for travel, it’s entirely confidential, and it might make your teenager more inclined to participate in the sessions. For therapy to work, the first step is establishing a foundation of trust, and that stems from authentic comfort. Virtual psychotherapy lets your teen and your family connect to services without any stress of travel or in-person interactions.

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