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Group Counselling for teens
Group Counselling for teens in Toronto

Group Counselling For Teens in Toronto

We’re in the process of researching options to offer for group counselling. When we’re ready to offer this to you, these services will provide a sense of connection around shared experience. We are planning to offer these for both teens and parents.

We’ve been waiting for covid waves to subside and restrictions to lift so that we can launch group therapy as an in-person service. We’re planning to launch our first groups in fall of 2022. We have a gorgeous house with big rooms to host these groups and some really great hepa filters in each room so the experience will be safe

Upcoming groups

We haven’t started offering groups yet. Our official launch into offering groups will be the fall of 2022.

We know that we’ll be offering a friendship group for neurodivergent female teens ages 13-15. This will be a 1.5 hour group offered once per week for a series of 8 weeks. The cost will be $150 each week. You’ll get a receipt with the practitioner’s name and credentials that is offering the group. If you have health benefits covering that practitioner you can submit the receipt for reimbursement.

The primary purpose of this group is to form connections with like-minded peers. So we’ll be having some discussions but also offering activities that are fun in nature that are meant to foster connection. The secondary purpose will be to offer some education/empowerment on how to go about interacting as these opportunities organically present themselves in the group.

Please check in here for more group offerings. We’ll post them here once we know exactly what we’re offering you.

Healthy Relationships

  • For: Girls aged 14-18
  • When: Saturdays from 1pm to 2:30pm for 8 consecutive weeks starting October 15, 2022
  • Size: 5-8 participants. 5 participants minimum are required to run the group.
  • Location: 267 Runnymede Road. In person.
  • Fee: $150 (including tax) per session for 8 sessions for a total of $1,200, paid $150 weekly. Receipts in Mariam’s name with her college registration details will be provided for insurance purposes.

Whether it’s friendships, romantic relationships or family, relationships are an integral part of our lives and navigating them as teens can be challenging! The teen years are a time of great social growth and many new situations where even teens who until now have been stable and supported may struggle. With complex concepts such as “love bombing”, “red flags” and “trauma dumping” popping up in our social media feeds and conversations it can get overwhelming quickly. To help navigate some of these challenges the Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens will be hosting an 8-week psycho-educational group on Healthy Relationships this fall for teen girls aged 14-18.

We will be exploring issues such as consent, learning to set boundaries, developing effective communication skills, managing our anxiety in relationships and identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Join for a chance to connect with other teen girls in a safe space and learn some valuable tools to help you cultivate and nurture your relationships!

To register, or for more information, please email us at or give us a call at (415) 465-4504.

Mariam Malik-Registered Psychotherapist

Mariam Malik

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Building Connection Through Grounded Parenting

  • For: Parents who want to deepen their communication skills with and connection to their teens so their teens can thrive.
  • When: Saturdays from 10am to 11:30am for 6 consecutive weeks starting October 15, 2022
  • Size: 5-8 participants. 5 participants minimum are required to run the group.
  • Location: 267 Runnymede Road. In person.
  • Fee: $150 (including tax) per session for 6 sessions for a total of $900, paid $150 weekly. Receipts in Anis’ name with her college registration details will be provided for insurance purposes.

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs that we can have, yet no one is trained on how to be a parent. Parents know that there is a gap between the parent we are and the parent we want to be. This group is designed to help you get closer to being the parent you want to be. We’re going to provide a supportive group environment where you can connect with other parents around just how tough and rewarding parenting is. We’ll also cover topics such as self-care, mindfulness, and healthy boundaries so that you are the fullest, most grounded version of yourself and can best serve yourself and your family.

We’re going to dedicate time to covering topics about communication with your teens, including: asking exploratory questions, hearing the message underneath the message, maintaining calmness in a reactive interaction, and practical ways to foster the possibility of conversation. We will work closely together to develop your inner resources and create solutions to spark conversation and connection between you and your child. Join us at the Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens this fall for our 6-week group on Building Connection through Grounded Parenting.

To register, or for more information, please email us at or give us a call at (415) 465-4504.

Anis Alibhai-Registered Psychotherapist

Anis Alibhai

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Building Friendships through Diversity

  • For: All genders aged 14-17
  • When: Thursdays from 5pm to 6:30pm for 8 consecutive weeks starting Thursday October 20, 2022.
  • Size: 5-8 participants. 5 participants minimum are required to run the group.
  • Location: 267 Runnymede Road. In person.
  • Fee: $150 (including tax) per session for 8 sessions for a total of $1,200, paid $150 weekly. Receipts in Laura’s name with her college registration details will be provided for insurance purposes.

This is a social group for teens who have ADHD, ASD and/or any way of being that influences behaviour and emotional regulation. Having skills and ability to form connections with one another is incredibly important in leading a happy and fulfilling life, but neurodivergent teens can sometimes feel challenged in this area. By bringing these teens together to have fun, play games, and create new friendships we will be giving them the opportunity to learn and develop social skills and be encouraged by the interpersonal connections that they make. These skills can help them be more confident, open and adept at navigating all of life’s relationships through the teen years and beyond.

To register, or for more information, please email us at or give us a call at (415) 465-4504.

Laura Gongora-Registered Psychotherapist

Laura Gongora

Registered Psychotherapist

Registration: Please call us or email us to register for a group.

Payment and Cancellation policy: We’ll keep your credit card on file in our encrypted system and charge it at the end of the group session, it will be charged. The power and joy of groups is the communal process with peers. As such, it’s really important that every participant commit to the process during each session. Participants may choose to discontinue without penalty up until 24 hours after the first session. After which, we expect full commitment and participation so that we can protect the process for everyone. Missed sessions from session #2 onward will be charged at $75 per session.

More on group counselling

Group counselling for teens gives youth the chance to relate to others struggling with similar issues. All those involved consented to participate and observe a code of confidentiality. Teens can engage in group therapy for a shared concern or a shared interest, each with unique benefits.

For example, if you struggle with social anxiety and are a passionate painter, a peer group that does art could help you engage with those around you. The activity gives you a way to relate to your peers and work through anxieties without directly relating to your mental wellness.

Another example is a group involving a particular struggle. For instance, it can be challenging to talk to classmates about a specific mental health issue if they are unfamiliar with it. From anxiety to anger to eating disorders, surrounding yourself with support can help. Those in group sessions know the lingo; they know the struggle and want to help and be helped.

Group Counselling That Achieves Results

Group counselling in Toronto
learn more about group counselling for teens

Why Choose group counselling?

People choose group counselling for a whole host of reasons, but the main one is usually the desire to reduce isolation. Mental health struggles can create feelings of loneliness and make it difficult to relate to those around us. When participating in a group, everyone in the room has a shared experience — sure, it might be a struggle that brings people together, but being together in the struggle is a powerful, healing experience of connection and understanding.

Communities can evolve from group counselling as an ongoing support for those in need. If you’re participating in therapy, it means you’re brave enough to learn and grow. The other group members are in the same boat; equally vulnerable and courageous. By bringing your experience, you can help someone. By listening to others, you might gain something that helps you. 

Benefits of Group Counselling

Benefits of group counselling for teenagers
Group counselling for teenagers in Toronto

How Group Counselling Can Be the Right Tool

There are many benefits to getting counselling as a group, especially when you appreciate the individual contributions of members. The therapist guides the group and acts as a moderator, but its true beauty lies in the opportunity to share experience, knowledge, fears, and struggles. Even the act of participating can instill courage in other group members. There are many other benefits, including:

  • Opportunities to help: Anyone participating in therapy has experienced struggle and the need for help. Getting to use that experience to help someone that’s dealing with something similar is a powerful way to facilitate feeling better.
  • Chance to understand others: Group sessions allow you to get out of your own head/your own experiences and let in others. The perspective this gives can be calming and helpful.
  • Fine-tune social skills: Especially after years of social restrictions, it can be challenging to return to any social scenario and understand the norms. Group settings give you a safe place to relearn. 
  • Improve communication: Being able to express yourself is so vitally important to our human experience. A group counselling session lets you express yourself where it’s safe to be vulnerable. 
  • Create problem-solving techniques: A support group is essentially a mental health team. Everyone has their own struggles, but everyone shares them too. That means innovating with critical thinking to assist the group. 
  • Reduce feelings of isolation: Even before the world changed, teens struggled with a feeling of isolation. Parents who support them often feel the same. But in truth, we aren’t alone and group therapy is a chance to experience that.

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