Individual Counselling & Support For Parent(s) in Toronto

Individual Counselling & Private Therapy for Parent(s)

Individual parent(s) counselling
Counselling for parents

Individual Counselling & Support For Parent(s) in Toronto

Parenting is tough; no one teaches us how to be parents, and there’s a lot to understand and execute with parenting. In addition, the stakes are high for parents as we’re responsible for successfully launching these beautiful young people into the world

We’re here to empower and support. There’s a lot of judgment in the world about parents and parenting and we want you to experience a break from that judgment here.

Sometimes what’s right for your family is for one or more of the parents to come in and get support on how to interpret, respond to and creatively empower your kids.

Sometimes we as parents have our own wounds to heal because they impact our families. We can help with that.

Sometimes we need help with our partnerships because stronger partnerships make for more resilient families. We also know how to help with this.

Teens appreciate parents coming to work on their parenting or themselves in a way that helps everyone.

We happily offer parent counselling here. It can be offered in conjunction with all of the other counselling we offer here or it can be offered all on its own.

How does Individual Parent(s) Counselling work?

The aim of Individual Parent(s) Counselling is to highlight and work through specific parental concerns.

This counselling can take place either with individual parents, or both parents together. The number and length of sessions will depend on your unique situation and needs, though we have seen a range of 4 sessions to a year’s worth of sessions. The goal here is to make a radical shift that leads to a more harmonious relationship within your entire family.

The first session will allow us to get a good idea of what the current is with your teen, and how we can help. From there, we will have conversations with you about concepts like shame, attachment needs, and pattern tracking. This will allow you to fully embody the parent you want to be for your child and set your whole family up for success.

We know that parents can experience judgement from many different parties, including other parents, teachers, or any other adults in their children’s lives. We’re not here to judge – our goal (and passion!) is to help families get back on the track that’s right for them.

Individual Parent(s) Counselling could be right for you and your family if…

  • You’re feeling disconnected from your teen and want to be on the inside track with them again
  • You want to feel relaxed that your kid is thriving
  • You want to do right by your teen, especially if there were gaps in how you were parented
  • You want to invest in your teen’s future
  • You want your teen to come to you for help instead of their peers
  • Your end goal is that your family is fighting less

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