What Do We Test For?

A psycho-educational assessment is performed to provide insight into your child’s learning and behaviour, to identify their strengths and needs. This assessment is useful at any time, but is especially timely if your child is struggling to meet academic, social and/or behavioural expectations. It can provide explanations and recommendations around how to move forward (e.g. for an Individual Education Plan at school). An assessment can also determine if your child meets diagnostic criteria for various conditions. Elena Viola, our psychologist here, can test for the following:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (ADHD )
  • Executive functioning struggles
  • Intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • Giftedness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Behavioural concerns
  • Self-esteem issues

The assessments are completed in-person, as this is how the tests were designed to be administered and it allows the psychologist to observe your child in a more full capacity than online testing would allow.

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Structure and Cost of a Psycho-Educational Assessment

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Structure And Cost Of A Psycho-Educational Assessment

The total cost of a psycho-educational assessment can range from $3500-4000, depending on the total amount of time that the assessment takes. The number of hours may vary due to individual assessment needs, which can only be determined during the testing process. Depending on the complexity of the case, the test scoring, interpretation, formulation, and report writing may take many more hours than the minimum. The rate for these services is $250/hour, and is billed after each stage of the process. There are five stages total, as outlined below:

    • Intake Interview/Forms: 1-2 hours billed = $250-500 (can be billed to anyone in attendance) 
    • Assessment session 1: 2-4+ hours billed = $500-1000+ (must be billed under child’s name)
    • Assessment session 2: 2-4+ hours billed = $500-1000+* (must be billed under child’s name)
    • Scoring/Interpretation: 3+ hours billed = $750+ (can be billed to child or either parent)
    • Feedback/Report: 1-2 hours billed = $250-500 (can be billed to anyone in attendance)
  • Total: Usually around 14 hours/$3500 

Note: Any outstanding balance must be paid prior to the release of the report.
*Sometimes a third assessment session may be required

If you have insurance coverage for a Psychologist’s services, we always recommend that you contact your provider beforehand and verify that they’ll cover what we’ve outlined here.

To learn more about our psychologist Elena, click here. To be added to Elena’s waitlist, you can call us at 416-565-4504 or email us at info@counsellingtorontoteens.com.

Modern Therapy Options

Parents with teenagers may be less accustomed to getting therapy online, but the service is booming. This is because it offers a supplemental set of benefits, the main one being that teens are usually comfortable online. Digital security makes it a safe way to operate, and it allows teens to get therapy where they feel most comfortable.

Yes, the screen is a partition, but it’s also a safe feeling for many. With online counselling, there’s no need for travel, it’s entirely confidential, and it might make your teenager more inclined to participate in the sessions. For therapy to work, the first step is establishing a foundation of trust, and that stems from authentic comfort. Virtual psychotherapy lets your teen and your family connect to services without any stress of travel or in-person interactions.

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