We offer workshops to parents and to educators. We have deep respect and gratitude for both of these groups as we know they are coming alongside teens in really important ways with roles which can be very challenging some days.

The workshop for parents focuses on how to connect and communicate with your teen. We've done this with parents only and have also done it with teens and parents together.

The workshop for educators is to resource and support them as they navigate a range of social, developmental, and mental health concerns with teens.

The fee for the workshops are negotiated on a case by case basis. Our primary goal in offering these workshops is to get the word out about us and our work, so we don't want them to be cost prohibitive.

If you are interested in another workshop other then these two, please contact us about what you have in mind and we'll consider it.

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Call us at 416-565-4504 or send us an email info@counsellingtorontoteens.com