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We love their energy, promise and ingenuity. The teenage years can be confusing, vulnerable, and sometimes even volatile. We feel that it is an incredible honour to help a teen navigate these years, heal, grow, shift perspectives and shift relationships.

We believe that our work with teens is strategic: an investment in teens is an investment in the overall well-being of our communities. Successful counselling with teens gives each young person the opportunity to live the rest of their life released from significant internal struggle. Equipping youth to be healthy and hopeful friends, leaders, colleagues, partners, and parents in their future adult life is our mission. We believe (and research indicates) that investment in this work, now, benefits the individual teen both now and in adulthood, and participation in their own families and community contexts.

Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens Philosophy

We know that creating a safe environment is the best way to ensure the growth and transformations we seek. We understand that creating space for open dialogue requires a certain degree of vulnerability, so we are deeply affirming of both teens and parents. The young people and families who come to us are assumed to be creative, resourceful people.

If there are behavioural concerns that are identified with any of our clients, we tend to see those concerns as symptomatic of something else. Our job is to identify and sort out what’s going on “underneath” the concern so that there is opportunity for both the behaviour and what’s influencing it to resolve.

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