Individual Post-Secondary Counselling For Students In-Person in Toronto and Online in Ontario

Individual Counselling & Private Therapy for Students & Young Adults

Individual post-secondary student counselling for teens
Post-secondary student counselling

Individual Counselling for Post-Secondary Students In-Person in Toronto and Online in Ontario

It may seem strange that with a name like Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens we would also offer counselling for students and young adults, but this is something that we’ve always offered. Many individuals we have worked with have found they’ve established a connection to their therapist and our therapy centre and feel it is natural to continue their work with us. Of course, you are always welcome to come back and continue counselling at this stage of your life.

We’re also happy to have you come for the first time at this stage of your life.

Being a post-secondary student and young adult brings a specific set of changes and challenges. It can be incredibly helpful to have a therapist come alongside you at this stage to help you make sense of all you are experiencing.

Therapy/counselling doesn’t always have to be about responding to stress in your life, either. People who have spent time in therapy have a solid understand of their own feelings and needs and develop skills on how to interpret situations, assert boundaries or navigate complex relationships. All very important for setting you up for success in the world.

We also offer couples therapy for students and young adults who want help navigating those relationships. Once again, couples therapy can help in a crisis. But it’s also great before the crisis.

How does Individual Post-Secondary Student Counselling Work

Individual Post-Secondary Student Counselling is all about you and your needs.

Whether you received counselling from us as a teen and are looking for some more direction in your early adult years, or are new to our Centre and want to explore counselling for the first time, we are here to help guide you through the next – often confusing! — stage of your life.

Since this form of counselling is more explorative and needs-based, the number and length of sessions will depend on the route we as a team choose to take with your counselling. We’re here to listen to you, learn about your story, and determine a way forward.

Our first session will serve as a consultation to assess your needs and goals for counselling. We’ll get a clear picture of how you’re doing, and your experiences in life up until now. From there, we will dig deep into your life, focusing on both your past and your present situation, to create a better future for you.

Individual Post-Secondary Student Counselling Could Be Right for You if…

  • You need guidance around any of the following – and more:
  • You feel something is off in your life, but aren’t sure what
  • You’re in crisis or feel like you might be soon
  • You’re looking to make big life changes and need some support
  • You want to continue the counselling journey you started as a teen

More about our Process

Post secondary student counselling for teens
Individual Post-Secondary Student Counselling Session
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