Parent & Educator Workshops on Teenagers in Toronto

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Parent & teacher workshops on teens
Workshops for teachers on teens

Parent & Educator Workshops on Teenagers in Toronto

Engaging with the community is one of our core values here.

As such, we’ve already developed workshops for parents and teachers and are happy to respond to any invitations we receive to offer these workshops to you.

Some of the topics we cover in these workshops are:

For parents:

  • noticing signs that your teen may need counselling
  • some tips for parenting teens
  • how to track attachment distress in your family and how to repair it

For teachers:

  • navigating the mental health of your students
  • signs that indicate more help is needed with your students
  • how to empower students and get results without relying on shame tactics
  • how to empower your students to self regulate better

We’re open to developing more workshops based on other topics and the sky is the limit in terms of topics we could engage with! So please approach us about this. We’d like to be in the community as much as possible.

Modern Therapy Options

Parents with teenagers may be less accustomed to getting therapy online, but the service is booming. This is because it offers a supplemental set of benefits, the main one being that teens are usually comfortable online. Digital security makes it a safe way to operate, and it allows teens to get therapy where they feel most comfortable.

Yes, the screen is a partition, but it’s also a safe feeling for many. With online counselling, there’s no need for travel, it’s entirely confidential, and it might make your teenager more inclined to participate in the sessions. For therapy to work, the first step is establishing a foundation of trust, and that stems from authentic comfort. Virtual psychotherapy lets your teen and your family connect to services without any stress of travel or in-person interactions.

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